Reduce Muscle Loss

Promote healthy lean muscle mass.

Nirvana Super™ Pro is a highly concentrated, medical-grade daily dietary supplement. It is the only liquid nutraceutical option with HMB and other scientifically tested ingredients to help promote muscle lean muscle mass, aid recovery, and reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

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Maintaining or developing healthy lean muscle mass supports metabolism, immune function, bone strength and density, and helps to reduce inflammation.

A clinical study showed that during a 10-day period of inactivity, HMB helped preserve lean body mass.


What is HMB?


Our superhero ingredient, HMB (Beta-hydroxy Beta-methylbutyrate), is derived from the amino acid leucine, naturally found in high-protein foods like meat. Clinical studies show it boosts muscle
performance, supports lean muscle, reduces muscle recovery time, slows muscle degradation, and supports recovery and rehabilitation.

  • 30+ years of R&D
  • 50 human studies
  • 40 review articles
  • 12 meta-analyses



Nirvana Super™ Pro can be beneficial for various individuals seeking to improve their overall health and well-being. Some people who are currently benefiting from this supplement are:

  • GLP-1 patients experiencing muscle loss
  • Athletes seeking to optimize performance
  • Individuals with autoimmune diseases, osteoarthritis, or sarcopenia
  • High-functioning individuals maintaining an active lifestyle
  • Proactive health enthusiasts wanting to promote healthy muscle
  • Individuals preparing for or recovering from surgery
primary_image Muscle mass naturally decreases 3-8% per decade after the age of 30, rising to 10-15% after age 50. Read More
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Promoting Healthy

Clinical Outcomes

Muscle health is fundamental for achieving positive patient outcomes. It regulates blood sugar and blood pressure, lowering the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular issues. Additionally, it aids in weight management, reduces inflammation, bolsters immunity, and supports bone health. Slowing muscle loss is critical for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as individuals age, alleviating joint pain, stiffness, and the risk of arthritis.

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RECOVER 3 FL OZ liquid supplement

Formulated to promote lean muscle mass and reduce muscle loss. Supports tissue development, wound healing, and circulation. Helps reduce oxidative and inflammatory stress.


PREPARE 3 FL OZ liquid supplement

Designed to promote lean muscle mass and support bone health prior to surgery or treatment while also delivering a series of supplements known to enhance immunity.


Do you relate to any of the questions below? If so, Nirvana Super™ Pro may be right for you.

Experiencing muscle loss while taking GLP-1?

Nirvana Super™ Pro supports muscle health, even during GLP-1 treatment.

Seeking to optimize athletic performance?

Nirvana Super™ Pro helps protect and promote healthy muscle growth for enhanced athletic performance.

Affected by various types of arthritis?

Nirvana Super™ Pro helps preserve muscle health, crucial for managing arthritis-related pain.

Experiencing muscle loss due to aging?

Nirvana Super™ Pro supports muscle health during the aging process.

Experiencing muscle loss due to disease or cancer?

Nirvana Super™ Pro's nutrient-packed formula helps prevent muscle breakdown during illness.

Preparing for or recovering from surgery?

Nirvana Super™ Pro offers specialized formulations, Prepare and Recovery, to support immune system prep and post-surgery recovery.


Recent clinical studies indicate that taking GLP-1 may lead to a significant reduction in muscle mass, as part of its overall weight loss effects. Read More